Creolabs training the ICT NETWORKS team from Sweden


Creolabs creative director Joseph Woods gave training to the ICT NETWORKS team from Sweden.

This training was held at the Dolmen Hotel on 10th March 2015 and included Creative Thinking and Idea Generation.

ICT NETWORKS is a company that plans, develops, designs, provides training, installs and manages all types of fiber optic projects. The team of 22 participants spent a week of training, team building and visited some cultural attractions in Malta.

During this training session 6 potential ideas where generated which are planned to be further evaluated and fine tuned to be implemented during this year.

Creolabs would like to thank ICT NETWORKS directors, management and all the team for entrusting Creolabs with this kind of training and looking forward to more collaboration in the near future.

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             Joe Woods during the training session                 The participants sorted in teams to generate ideas


For more information regarding ICT Networks (Sweden) log on to: