MIA sponsors School of Invention program at St. Francis School


MIA sponsors School of Invention program at St. Francis School.

One of the major outputs of the school of Invention is a 20 hour course which aims towards inspiring children to generate a passion for invention. It gives them the necessary skills to transform their imagination into something concrete that they can see and feel. This is done through interactive sessions and hands-on workshops in creative thinking, communications, science & technology and ICT. The pedagogy which is used during the course is different from traditional methodologies with 20% of the course’s time being devoted to tuition whilst the remaining 80% focuses on learning by doing and hands-on work by students.

The School of Invention was officially launched on the 3rd of March 2016 with the first course attracting 13 students. Since then more than 200 students have participated in taster sessions where they were exposed to the world of creative thinking, the generation of ideas and working in teams to design their ideas.   In Summer 2016 creolabs will be organizing two 50 hours courses in Malta and one in Gozo. 

The School of Invention, sponsored by Malta International Airport and in collaboration with the Microsoft Innovation Centre, is holding a 20 hour course at St. Francis School in Cospicua which started on the 20th of June. This specific course focuseson the generation of ideas and inventions in the tourism sector. Tourism is one of the strongest and best performing sectors in our country and one of the ways to ensure its continued success is to support our children and youth to become the tourism innovators of tomorrow. Sister Claudia, the Principal at St. Francis School said that she is delighted that her school is involved in the School of Invention since it will enhance her students’ skills in generating a passion for creative thinking, invention and innovation.  

Joseph Woods the Creative Director at Creolabs stated that we are very pleased and excited to work with St. Francis School because of the professional way the school is managed. We look forward to work with other schools and expose more students to creative thinking, invention and innovation