School of Invention Summer School 2018


Creolabs Summer School 2018 ended its activities on Friday 7th September and we can confidently say that it was a huge success with over 150 students from different age groups attending the summer school.

The summer school though our students how to think creatively, entrepreneurship, personal development, ICT, science and technology and media production, basically the skills they will need for the future.

The final week mostly consisted on our students working primarily on finalising their projects. The younger students focused on completing their activities in relation to the week’s theme - poverty, whilst the older students worked on completing their final projects.

These projects and activities were presented to all the parents during the Open Day held at PwC hub in Qormi

A big thank you to all our tutors who shown so much passion and dedication and to all the students and parents.

Also we would like to thank our summer school partners PwC for their work to make this summer school a success.


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