Coding and the Internet

15 hour course for students between 11 and 14 years

This unique course brings together creative thinking, coding, electronics and how the internet can be used to bring about the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is being hailed as the next technological leap forward and will transform all aspects of our everyday life. Students are already facing these new technologies and they will be the ones to grasp the opportunities that the IoT will bring in the very near future.  

This course is targeted towards students between the ages of 11 and 14 and will be conducted in 1.5 hour sessions once weekly. 

Students attending the course will gain practical knowledge on how to code basic IOT applications and put them into practice using a BBC Micro:Bit.


Course Schedule:

Session 1: Computational Thinking - Creative Thinking 

Session 2: Introduction to IoT - Introduction to Electronics

Session 3: Introduction to Electronics - Introduction to Hardware

Session 4: Introduction to Coding

Session 5: Introduction to Coding

Session 6: Working with MICROBIT board

Session 7: Working with MICROBIT board

Session 8: Working with MICROBIT board

Session 9: Project development using MICROBIT board

Session 10:  Project development using MICROBIT board - Presentation of Projects



Starting:     8th March 2018

Time:         16:30 - 18:15

Days:         every Thursday

Sessions:    1.5 hours per session (Total 15)

Venue:        PWC Academy

Location:     Qormi


For more information and registrations kindly contact


Newspapers and Media:


The Times of Malta - February  2017 - We do need this education


The Independent - February 2017 - Creolabs preparing students for the Internet of Things (IoT)





Coding and the Internet (IoT)




undefined  Ing. Sara Baldwin - Electronics and Hardware Applications

Sara is an energetic and lively person, who instils motivation in others by sharing her passions and knowledge. She is a graduate electrical engineer and holds a masters in oceanography. Through her traveling, Sara exposed herself to different ideas that made her aware that education is more than books and classrooms. An inventor at heart, Sara believes in learning by doing, and is currently working with Creolabs to develop innovative courses and to encourage children and youths to explore their creativity and innovation skills through practical/experimental education.





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