15 hour course for children between 7 and 10 years

Creominds is a 15 hour course of 1.5 hour sessions once weekly and is for primary level students between 7 and 10 years. The course consists of 4 modules, Personal Development and Communication, Creative Thinking, Information and Communication Technology (Coding using Scratch) and Project Work. The course introduces the students to these very important skills, and challenge them to generate ideas whilst working in teams. 

Course Schedule:

Session 1: Creative Thinking - Personal Development

Session 2: Coding (Introduction to Scratch)

Session 3: Creative Thinking - Personal Development

Session 4: Coding (Exploring Different Functions)

Session 5:  Creative Thinking - Communication 

Session 6: Coding (Sequencing)

Session 7: Creative Thinking - Communication

Session 8: Coding (Decisions)

Session 9: Creative Thinking - Personal Development

Session 10: Coding (Loops)


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This course is supported by the Microsoft Innovation Centre





undefined   Norman Cristina - Creative Thinking, Personal Development & Communication

Coming from an artistic background (in Music and Drama) and a creative himself, Norman has increasing experience in music, public-speaking, teaching, compering, as well as in the world of business and sales. His network marketing experience and leadership initiatives lend themselves to offering a wide array of rich personal experiences to offer participants of modules such as creative thinking, communications and personal development, currently being delivered at the School of Invention. 


undefined  Lydia Gauci - Coding

Lydia Gauci is a qualified ​computer teacher at a Primary Church School. Besides delivering computer lessons to students aged 5-11 years, she is also the school project coordinator who successfully won different national and European educational competitions. Lydia has created, maintained and is responsible for the School website and the school Facebook page. She is involved in different local and European projects such as EkoSkola, LEAF, EWWR, SVDP, PressKids, eTwinning, Scientix, InGenious and STEM Alliance, which involve various seminars, courses, webinars, chat, COP and video conferencing with other professionals.



undefined   Stefanie Gauci - Coding

Stefanie Gauci is a warranted secondary school teacher delivering ICT, Computing and IT VET lessons to students  aged  11 to 15 years. Apart from teaching, Stefanie is involved in a number of extra curricular activities such as guiding students in innovative projects, taking part in the InGenious European Project and other STEM projects as well as being involved in a number of educational seminars and courses. She also was involved in the editing and publishing of the school magazine, while contributing in creating, maintaining and updating of the School’s Facebook page.

Before successfully achieving her postgraduate certificate in teaching, she has completed her first degree in Business and Computing and went on to continue her studies by achieving first class honours in her second degree in Computer Science.

Apart from teaching, Stefanie spent some time working as a solutions developer which has given her an all round perspective of how the industry works and what is expected from those who want to work in this area. This helps her to plan her lessons and guide her students better to help them achieve their goals.

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