Robotics - Summer School 2017 in Gozo

Learn to build and code a robot buggy using the Micro:bit system


The School of Invention will be holding a Robotics Summer School in Gozo which will focus on how to build a line following robot buggy using a BBC Micro:bit. The buggy is a great educational tool for students to build, as it combines several elements of design and technology, electronics, mechanical assembly and coding. The kit is a suitable option as an introduction to robotics technology.


What will students learn when building the Robot Buggy:

    - Soldering Techniques

    - Mechanical Assembly

    - Basic Electronics

    - How the Line Following works

    - How Motor Driver Boards work

    - How to Control Motors with the BBC micro:bit

    - Coding


For students aged between 12 and 15


Starting:    10th July 2017

Time:         10:00 - 13:30

Days:          2 sessions per week (days to be announced)

Sessions:  3 hours per session

Venue:       To be confirmed

Location:    Gozo


For more information and reservations email us on