Summer School 2018


Summer School 2018

Creolabs in partnership with PwC have launched the summer school programme for students aged between 6 – 15.

Over the years Creolabs have developed and ran the “School of Invention” summer school programme, the purpose of which is to inspire students to generate a passion for invention.

The main goal of this year’s programme is to enhance the students creative thinking, inspire them to think and innovate through STEM related topics. In so doing we have combined life skills such as creativity and innovation with actual hands on technology and design solutions.

In the longer term, the summer school will prepare children to engage in the emerging Innovation Society, a society in which one of the most valuable skills is the use of knowledge to generate new ideas and the ability to turn these ideas into new products and services.

Our summer programme will help children generate a passion to develop their own ideas, turn their idea into something real which they can see and feel. 

This will be done by:

and much more…

All activities will be done in teams, with teamwork and collaboration between students being an important aspect of our summer programme.

Students will be split into classes depending on their age and expertise. Tutors who apart from teaching will encourage students to express their views and ideas. We will also be organizing outings to show students how Science and Technology shapes and drives the world we live in.


Key facts:

Dates: 2nd July – 7th September with a week break in August between the 13th – 17th August

Programme options: 2 day (Monday & Friday) or 3 day (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)

Ages: 6 – 15 years  (Age Groups 6-9, 10-12, 13-15)

Time: 9:00am – 12:30pm  (Drop off 8:30 - 13:15 pick up)

Venue: National Sports School, Pembroke



2 day option – Euro 280

3 day option – Euro 400


For more information and registrations kindly contact us on:

The course will count as an extra curricular activity within the school leaving certificate (SLC)



Tutors : School of Invention - Summer 2018


undefined  Joseph Woods - Creative Thinking

Joseph G. Woods is a certified Edward de Bono trainer in Lateral and Parallel Thinking. He has over 11 years of experience providing consultancy and training  services in Malta, Bulgaria, Italy, Sweden, UK, Greece and Poland. He has worked for 7 years with Dr. Edward de Bono, the developer of lateral thinking at The World Centre for New Thinking. In 2009 he was one of the keynote speakers at the European closing conference on creativity and innovation in Stockholm, Sweden.


 undefined  Michael Refalo - Science and Technology

Michael Refalo has been involved in the implementation of EU funded projects in Malta since 2001. He is a University graduate in science and has worked within the Malta Council for Science & Technology (MCST), specifically on the dissemination of the Fifth, Sixth & Seventh Framework Programmes for Research, Technological Development & Demonstration. He was a National Contact Point (NCP) for the SME & Innovation Programme as well as the National Coordinator of FP6 and FP7 and he was also Manager of the National Research, Technological Development and Innovation Programme, Malta’s first funding mechanism for research.


undefined   Ing. Sara Baldwin - Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Sara is an energetic and lively person, who instills motivation in others by sharing her passions and knowledge. She is a University graduate electrical engineer and holds a masters degree in oceanography. Through her traveling, Sara exposed herself to different ideas that made her aware that education is more than books and classrooms. An inventor at heart, Sara believes in learning by doing, and is currently working with Creolabs to develop innovative courses and to encourage children and youths to explore their creativity and innovation skills through practical education.


undefined Antoine Griscti - Communications

Antoine is a communications, graphical design and marketing professional, he worked in several advertising agencies and event logistics organizations since 2000. He holds a diploma in management and has been working in management and implementation of EU projects and communications included planning, evaluating and execution of projects. Antoine also worked on different EU funded programmes such as Med, Interreg 4c and Lifelong Learning. He also participated in several EU workshops on project management and communications. Antoine is also a musician and had a career as a professional musician for a number of years.


undefined  Daryl Zammit - Design and Technology

Daryl is a graduate from the University of Malta with specialization in Physics. He is currently working as a full time Design and Technology teacher within a Maltese State School. Currently, Daryl Zammit, is working on developing interactive STEM activities together with developing interesting ways how to develop products that satisfies different challenges. Moreover, he works in liaison with different stakeholders in order to make sure that the best level of education is being provided to those entrusted to him.


undefined  Ian Attard - Media Production

Ian Attard works as a Senior Lecturer and Institute Coordinator in the Media Department at the Institute for the Creative Arts, MCAST, Following an academic course, ‘Expert of Applied Video Arts in Multimedia’, held in Rome. Ian commenced an academic journey in film studies at Southampton Solent University, England.  He was also entrusted to work as a junior researcher at the BBC, White City, London, on a TV factual documentary entitled ‘My Life as a Child’. Upon graduating Ian furthered his studies by pursuing a course in HD Cinematography and Lighting at the London Metropolitan Film School.

In his capacity as a Technical Producer and Project Executive Producer for Solent Enterprise Media Centre, UK, Ian produced various large scale media projects such as the production of a 30 second commercial for Channel4, UK, live coverage of Glastonbury Music Festival 2007/2008, and Cowes Week 2009. In 2010 Ian was conferred with a Masters Degree in Media.


undefined Caroline Caruana - Information & Communications Technology (ICT)

Caroline has been working as an IT and Robotics tutor with PwC over a year. She is a recent BSc graduate in Maths and Computer Science, and is currently reading for a Masters degree in Computer Science. In addition to her interest in these areas, Caroline is passionate about music, applying her love of teaching in piano and other instruments. In her free time, she enjoys playing with bands and learning new instruments, while finding the time to travel and explore other countries.