Summer School 2019

School of Invention

50 hour course

For students aged between 9 – 15.

Starting 1st July 2019

Over the years Creolabs have developed and ran the “School of Invention” summer school programme, the purpose of which is to inspire students to generate a passion for invention.

Start your journey with us and learn how to:

- Use creative thinking to generate and develop ideas
- Code and connect simple devices
- Design your inventions with 3D software and 3D print them
- Produce videos for Youtube
- Develop a project within a team
- Create your own inventions

and much more...

Our summer school helps children generate a passion to develop their own ideas, turn them into something real that they can see and feel, while learning the 21 st century skills that will support them personally and academically. This is done through various modules and hands-on workshops in creative thinking, personal communications, personal development, STEM, media production and

In the longer term, the summer school will prepare children engage in the emerging Innovation Society, a society in which one of the most valuable skills is the use of knowledge to generate new ideas and the ability to turn these ideas into new products and services.

Key facts

-  Duration: 1st July 2019 – 6th September 2019
-  Schedule: 6 hours (Monday & Thursday) or 6 hours (Tuesday & Friday)
-  Time: 09.00 – 13.00
-  Age range: 9 - 12 & 13 – 15
-  Maximum classroom size: 20 students
-  Classromms: Fully Air-conditioned c
-  Venue: National Sports School, Pembroke


Fee: 350 euros

Course Details

Develop Creative Thinking skills and learn Creative Thinking tools on how to focus and generate new ideas. Introduction to a variety of different soft and technical skills including public speaking, team work, design, coding, app development, video production and project work.

All activities will be done in a team, with team work and collaboration between students being a very important aspect of our summer school.
Lessons tailor made to reflect the age and capabilities of the students. Experienced tutors who, apart from teaching, they encourage students to express their views and ideas.

External visits to public and private organisations to show students how Science and Technology shapes and drives our world.

For registrations and additional details contact or mobile 7967 2780.