Comments from parents regarding the School of Invention


Many thanks for the top notch experience last summer, I honestly couldn't be happier I sent my two children to the School of Invention.           The subjects touched upon and the level of involvement were nothing short of impressive.

Mr. Grech


This week, my son produced a powerpoint presentation for the course assignment which involved a good degree of creativity. I must say I was so pleased with its creativity that I would seriously consider asking him to come up with ideas for my work presentations.

Mr. Schembri


My son is enjoying the sessions immensely and is really looking forward to the rest of the course.

Mrs. Scicluna


By the way my son loved the sessions. He actually spoke at length with his father about the sessions and this is very unusual for him, to say that my husband and I are pleased is a serious understatement!.

Dr. Micallef Stafrace


My daughter is really enjoying it and is explaining all that she has learned after each session.

Mrs. Camilleri


My son was keen to discuss his ideas within his course group on our way home, he is also reading a book on inventions at the moment. He is intrigued by innovation and will definitely gain a lot through your professional programme. Keep up the good work as he is really looking forward to the rest of the course!

Mrs. Pulis


My daughter is really enjoying the sessions and is looking forward to the summer school with you. I cannot determine whether her creativity is a result of lessons or whether it is innate...she does tend to think outside the box in general. I’m hoping that the school of invention will continue nurturing this side of her especially when school becomes increasingly academic in the senior years and creativity will unfortunately be stifled in preference to subject grade performance. Many thanks for organizing and planning these interesting topics.

Mrs. Ross


I believe that being taught like parrots is not good and not enough to help you through life and the real world, taking different paths and thinking differently makes all the difference, this manner of thinking also promotes initiative and possibly willingness to better this world we live in through inventions and innovations.

Mrs. Micallef


This experience has helped our son to enhance his self esteem. His creativity was there but we did not know how to guide him. This course has given him a taster of the skills he needs to develop further his ideas and why not - become the next inventor.

Mrs. Borg




Comments from students attending the School of Invention


I have been attending the school of invention for over five sessions and really having fun, we even did our own website and also animated a short movie from a 3D programme. It’s fantastic because not only I am having fun but also learning new wonderful things for my future.

Julian (12 years)


The school of invention is a place for sharing your imagination and a great start if you want to become a future inventor.

Alessio (12 years)


The school of invention is a place were you can let your imagination go free, and a great experience.

Tamika (10 years)


It’s really fun and a place where you can share your imagination with others.

Claude (12 years)


The school of invention teaches us how to create an invention and inform us about other inventors and learn about many other things.

Eoin (10 years)


In the school of invention we do many different things and learn about technology and much more.

Abigail (10 years)

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