Creolabs has developed a series of training courses that will support you and your organization in acquiring creative thinking skills, develop new ideas and strengthen your capacity for innovation. These training courses can either be provided as a standalone intervention or in sequence.

The courses presented here are aimed to expose participants to creative thinking, invention and innovation. It will provide participants with creative thinking tools that will help executives to challenge what they are doing and generate new ways of developing and marketing products and services. These courses are conducted by Joseph G. Woods who is a creative thinking expert and has been a certified trainer in Lateral Thinking, Simplicity and Parallel Thinking which are techniques developed by Dr. Edward de Bono. He has conducted training in creative thinking in Italy, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, UK, Greece and Malta.

Creolabs is also in possession of Intellectual Property (IP) related to creative thinking tools which have been developed by its founders and which are currently being applied to specific sectors like tourism, social enterprise, governance and ICT sectors.

These training courses will include a lot of interaction and participants will be encouraged to work in teams and use creative thinking tools to generate ideas. 

The training courses are mainly directed to all those involved in management, executive roles, planning, product development, marketing, logistics, sales and customer relations.