Invention Camp

Invention Camp in Malta

A Mediterranean Educational and Inspirational Experience for International Students

The idea behind the Invention Camp lies in the fact that youth have an innate ability to think and act in a creative manner and that this creative power can be channeled and focused to create something new whilst fostering their creative capital. The main purpose of the Invention Camp is to inspire students to generate a passion for invention and expose them to Mediterranean culture which can act as a catalyst for their imagination.

The Invention Camp will also give students the necessary skills to transform their imagination into something concrete that they can see and feel. This is done through courses and hands-on workshops in creative thinking, communications, science & technology and ICT.

The Invention camp will also give participants a basic introduction to the English language which is essential for internationalization. Another underlying benefit of the Invention Camp is that it increases the participants’ interest towards STEM. To become an inventor, a good understanding of scientific and technological disciplines is necessary. Once students are inspired to invent new devices and processes, they will need to acquire a deeper understanding of the technology they are trying to invent. In the longer term, the Invention Camp, will help to empower students towards the emerging Innovation Society, a society in which one of the most valuable skills is the generation of new ideas.


This package includes all of the following specifications for a 2 week Invention Camp:

- General English Course for 20 hours;

- Invention Course for 30 hours;

- Accommodation;

- Two-way Airport transfer;

- Welcome pack;

- Course material;

- Free internet connection (WiFi);

- End of Course Certificate in Basic English;

- End of Course Certificate in Invention;

- Full activity package;

- Optional Travel Insurance;


The price for the above package specifications is 1250 euro per person (14 nights).

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